2021 Testamatta Toscana Rosso IGT

Bibi Graetz 2021 Testamatta Toscana Rosso IGT

Ganz großer Sangiovese. Jetzt schon prima antrinkbar!

100% Sangiovese.
Ausbau: 24 Monate in gebrauchten Barriques.

Wunderbar harmonisch, einfach perfekt gemacht. Zum betörenden Duft reifer Beeren und den Noten von Unterholz und toskanischen Kräutern gesellen sich am Gaumen ein wunderbarer Charme und seidige Tannine. Auf der frischen Seite wegen der betörenden Sangiovese-Säure. Für Liebhaber saftiger, pontierter Weine. Nichts für Starkstromtrinker.
Für unter 100€ ein großartiger Weinwert!

"Fabulous aromas of strawberries, orange zest and orange blossom. So pure on the nose. Very perfumed. Medium-bodied with intense linear tannins that are ultra-fine in texture. It's fresh and salty with a brightness and focus. Minerally and crisp. pH is 3.4 highlighting the strength of the acidity. Crunchy. Salty. So delicious now but this will age incredibly well." 98 Punkte

"Beautifully fragrant on the nose, delicately scented and inviting with subtle wild flower scents, red and black berries and sweet spices. Chalky and powdery tannins support super bright acidity which gives this such a sharp, thrilling and lively expression. Tannins are super fine but have a spiced edge that grips and holds interest, supportive but not overpowering, letting the acidity and bright fruit flavours shine through. Beautifully delineated and expressed, elegant, refined, totally beguiling yet with layers of flavour and intensity and such a long finish. Feels supremely drinkable and that is such a feat at this young stage. Well worked, balanced, and enjoyable with flashes of heat and spice dotting the finish. Really wonderful and totally charming." 97 Punkte

"The 2021 Testamatta is Sangiovese sourced from various hilltop vineyards spanning different cool microclimates. The ideal is to underline the transparency and fragility of the variety. Fruit from the Olmo Vineyard plays a big role and “gives a strong imprint to this wine,” Bibi says. Testamatta offers fresh aromas of violet, rose, forest green and candied orange peel. Bibi says 2021 was generally warmer than 2020, but all three vintages—2020, 2021 and 2022—are considered hot. He is upbeat regarding 2023 thanks to all the rain. Testamatta shows an earthy note that gives this wine (with 120,000 bottles made) a slightly more accessible personality. The tannins are lightly managed and the oak framing is down to an elegant minimum. Bibi buys 1% new oak each year, and his oldest barrels date back to 2003. He does not pull leaves, and he employs methods that do not concentrate his fruit so he can safeguard the typicity of Sangiovese. Winemaking is as natural as possible. The beautiful results are classic and bright. He strives to keep alcohol contents below 13%." 96 Punkte

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84,50 €
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Grundpreis: 112,67 € / 1.0 Liter (l)
Artikel-Nr.: 005-167-002
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Lieferzeit 2-3 Tage
Erzeuger-Land Italien
Alkohol 13,5 Vol. %
Allergene enthält Sulfite
Geschmack trocken, kräftig
Bewertungen 98 Suckling, 97 Decanter, 96 Parker
Jahrgang 2021
Region Toskana
Rebsorte Sangiovese
Trinkreife 2024 bis 2035
Trinktemperatur 16 bis 18 Grad
Weingut Bibi Graetz
Top-Thema Holzkisten-Aktion